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Linda Kittelson


Explore and enjoy the Wine Country with Linda Kittelson in Napa, California.

I am an experienced Wine Tour Guide and Concierge; ten plus years in Napa and Sonoma.

I conduct my tours by putting myself in your place.  What can I do that I would appreciate, what would alleviate stress, if I were you?

I get in touch with you in advance.  I keep you posted, let you know when I am on my way and when I arrive.

Having been to well over 300 wineries in Sonoma and Napa Valley, I am a very capable Concierge.

I find what your preferences are as far as palette, characteristics of the wineries you wish to visit.

We discuss geography, timeframe and budget.  Experiences even depend on the weather.

I suggest three experiences plus lunch as a comfortable day. If you wish to plan yourself, I can offer suggestions.

I am very service and detailed oriented.  I take photos and videos and send, to you, my own photo albums as well.

I do whatever I can to make your day(s) in Wine Country as smooth, fun and memorable as possible.