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Meet the Crew

Steve Smith

Hey there, I’m Steven Smith, the passionate mind and founder of We Drive. My journey into the world of driving started with a limousine company in the beautiful Bay area of California. As a young driver, I quickly found my place and climbed the ranks to become the General Manager of one of the largest limousine companies in the Napa wine country.

Napa Valley, with its enchanting blend of great food, exquisite wine, and wonderful visitors, fueled my passion for the region. It was this passion that eventually led me to start my own limousine company, aiming to offer an unparalleled experience in the heart of the famed Napa Valley.

However, life took an unexpected turn one night. Driving home late, I witnessed a horrific accident unfold right in front of me. A vehicle rolled over multiple times, and several individuals, including children, were ejected. Amidst the chaos, I found myself faced with a life-or-death situation—a baby and a small child lay lifeless on the highway. Acting on instinct, I immediately assessed the situation and began administering CPR until medics and life flight services arrived. The mother, disoriented and screaming, was later arrested for DUI. The children, miraculously, survived.

This incident marked a turning point for me—an “aha moment” that sparked a deep desire to make a positive impact in preventing drunk driving. Fueled by this conviction and the economic challenges of the time, I made a bold decision. I sold all my limousines and founded We Drive, a service that believes in a simple yet impactful concept: “You already have a car, why pay to rent another one?”

The idea was met with skepticism from friends who doubted its viability. Yet, here I am, proud to be one of the originals, committed to making our roads safer. We Drive offers an affordable solution—a designated driver for your own car, ensuring a safer journey home for everyone.

On top of being involved daily with We Drive, Im also the Head of Security managing a Executive Protection team for a private family. 

Join us in our mission to keep our roads safe, and let’s make a difference together.

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