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Would you like to get featured on We Drive's site as a independent driver. Contact us for further information.


At We Drive, we are a group of self-proclaimed wino’s and passionate storytellers. We love to tell the story of a city’s neighborhoods through its wine. We specialize in wine and brewery tours. Nothing pleases us more than having people connect over something we all have in common — a love of delicious wine and food


  • Be one team
  • Be open
  • Drive impact
  • Make entertainment social

The Advantages of Being a Guide:

  • Make some friends and new memories
  • Discover & Do what you love in Wine Tours
  • Be part of a brand people love
  • Go beyond work-life balance

The success of the company is directly attributable to our independent tour guides, and we’re looking to ensure you’re placed in a role best suited to your talents.

Perks Include:

  • Sharing knowledge about food, wine, culture, history, architecture
  • Ability to engage and entertain new folks
  • You set you own rates
  • You set your own availability
  • Make supplemental income
  • You are an independent contractor.

Embrace Adventure

Help us develop and deliver a memorable wine tours to your guests.

Create A Wine Tour Experience

We build the best Wine Tour experience, as a team.

Play & Work

Life happens when you enjoy what you do. Play & work with us.!

Be a independent Tour Guide with We Drive!

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