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Mark Cooke


Tour and learn more about the Wine Country with Mark Cooke in Napa, California!

I have lived in Sonoma Valley for 30 years and have acquired invaluable wine culture information, as well as knowing many of the Wine making families at several different Wineries in the area. I have worked for several other tour companies for around 7 years and know both Sonoma and Napa Counties very well.

I provide personalized wine tours in your vehicle. I am able to customize your experience and create a one of a kind getaway experience in either Sonoma or Napa Counties. Wether it is your first time to the area or you are a adopted member of the Wine Country community I can accommodate all type of groups. I specialize in finding the hidden wineries and or tasting rooms that can deliver that one of kind experience that both novice and expert would enjoy. I am also insured with Over the Road Commercial insurance, and are insured at anytime in YOUR vehicle.