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Meet Heather Duarte, Napa Valley Designated Driver wth We Drive.

Heather Duarte with We Drive

Heather Duarte, the driving force behind We Drive Napa CA, embodies the essence of hospitality and responsible indulgence in the heart of Napa Valley. With a passion for both the region’s rich viticulture and ensuring the safety and enjoyment of its visitors, Heather has dedicated herself to providing unparalleled designated driver services and tours of Napa Valley.

Raised amidst in the Bay Area. Heather developed an intimate understanding of the area’s wine culture from a young age. After gaining experience in the hospitality industry and recognizing the need for safe transportation options, she joined We Drive Napa CA with a mission to offer reliable, convenient, and personalized chauffeur services.

Heather’s commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction is evident in every aspect of her business. Whether guiding clients through the winding roads of wine country or sharing her expertise on local wineries and attractions, she prioritizes their comfort, safety, and enjoyment above all else.

With Heather behind the wheel, guests can relax and fully immerse themselves in the unparalleled beauty and flavors of Napa Valley, knowing they are in capable hands. From wine enthusiasts to first-time visitors, Heather welcomes all to experience the magic of Napa responsibly and in style with We Drive Napa CA.

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