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We Drive is looking for potential franchises that would like to expand our services into new areas. If you are looking for full or part time income our franchise is the solution for you. And you are providing a great service to your community. 


Franchise made simple


  • We Drive uses the latest advanced technology so that you have everything at your fingertips from any computer or smartphone. 

  • Full Support and training

  • Complete Corporate training

  • Hire and train drivers

  • New Business Development 

  • Marketing and Advertising.


We also provide full support


  • Office: Accounting, finances, payroll, reporting, reservation software, customer apps, driver apps, reservation staff and dispatching

  • Management: Recruitment, hiring, training, policies, scheduling, employee back ground checks, payroll processing, credit card processing and more. 


Several Revenue Streams


One Way Rates


$25 per pick up

$2.95 a mie




$35 an hour plus tip. 



We have a very small start up fee. You can be up and running right away. With our full support including live 24/7 reservationist and dispatching we do the hard work for you. If you would like to open We Drive in your area just simply fill out the form below and our corporate staff will contact you shortly. 

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