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About WeDrive

When the question of care and concern arises, we always make sure not to settle for anything less than the best because one of the things that require zero compromises is the safety of both our belongings and more importantly our lives. A simple but important requirement is that of an expert driver for everyday tasks ranging from personal use to cooperate purposes and our company “We Drive” is dedicated to fulfilling this requirement with professionality based on a modest idea of providing safety with high-quality service.    

The mind behind the company, our founder has a tremendous experience in the industry as he has worked in the top of the notch companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and served at executive management posts in various corporations. After he gained enough background knowledge and professional skills required to build the essential resources he started his own company. Furthermore, our founder had a personal experience on a highway where he aided several passengers who were severely injured and ejected after an accident due to negligence of DUI the driver which motivated him to build up a service with zero tolerance on safety, therefore, he describes his idea behind this company as more of a personal motivation and less of a business venture. Our values of service simply include care, concern, quality, and security.     

Our history includes providing designated drivers to fulfill basic home requirements such as grocery or pick and drop service and step by step today we providing professional drivers to business corporations for multiple uses. In the start, most of our business developed in the Napa wine country and after providing quality services for several years today we entertain a large service area including diverse customers which opt our professional and safe services for home and business use. The commitment of quality service is the core element of our team so we make sure that the requirement of customer satisfaction is fulfilled to its full. For us, our work is less of a vocation and more of a vacation because we love the work we do. Once you contact us for our service the burden of responsibility shifts on our shoulders to make sure that you get the service that satisfies your needs with utmost care and professionality. 



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